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ArtsEdge - is linking the arts and education through technology.
Incredible Art Department - features lessons, cartoons, a gallery and more.
Joseph Wu's Origami Page - your students may learn the art of origami here.
The Louvre - visit this famous place to see great works of art.
World Wide Arts Resources - a large and comprehensive gateway to the arts on the Internet.
Learning Like Leonardo - Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling? This site explores the master artist, Leonardo Davinci.


USGS Biology For Teachers Only - exceptional links to resources for teachers on all types of biology online.
Molecular Biology Gateway - features links to information and research on all types of biology.


The Lonely Planet:Destinations - generates information and photos on all regions of the world.
The Weather Channel - features information on all types of weather around the world.


HealthWorld Online - covers nutrition, health foods, news, legislation and more.


Teaching History - publishes high quality articles and links, screened for content, on a broad range of historical subjects.
From Revolution to Reconstruction - a hypertext on history from colonial to modern times.
World History Archives - is a collection of resources to support the study and teaching of world history and history in general.
The Seven World Wonders of the Ancient World - the mysteries that surrounded the history of the Wonders for centuries.
Squares: The Civil War Battle Game - Squares is a strategy game of military maneuvers and tactics that takes you back in time to the real battles of the Civil War.


Women in History - Resources cover a variety of topics concerning women's role in shaping the world.
Children's Literature Web Guide - features discussion groups, bestsellers, reference links and author information.
Web English Teacher - a lively exploration of literature and history with a variety of ways to stimulate a lifelong love of new words in students.


Ask Dr. Math - will answer your math questions for any grade level.
PBS Mathline - PBS Online features mathline and other learning services.


Insect - features a photographic essay of various insect species especially for online kids studying the amazing world of insects.
Bad Meteorology - Replaces bad weather myths with good science.
Good Green Fun! Children's Music and Rainforest Ecology - This site features activities, ecology questions, web links and sound samples.
Kid's Online Resources - interesting, educational, and simple science activities for grades 6,7 and 8.
The Lawrence Hall of Science - the public science center of the University of California at Berkeley, welcomes teachers and students learning about science.
NASA K-12 Internet Initiative - is NASA's Internet in the Classroom project featuring terrific information for everyone.
Science Outreach - educates young minds in the areas of science and engineering through a fun, hands-on approach.
The Space Educators' Handbook - is a virtual multimedia encyclopedia about space featuring digital comics, space movie archives, space quotes, space art, a space calendar and more. Great for making space science education informative and entertaining!
WILDFLOWERS - is everything teachers and students need to know about wildflowers complete with photography and other links.


Scholastic Magazine - has something for everyone, from practical classroom resources for teachers, to fun learning activities for parents and kids.
Scholastic News - a free resource to children, parents and teachers, offering daily updated coverage of current issues with tips on how to discuss these issues with young children.
Scholastic Network - Teachers will find ready-to-use reproducibles for every curriculum area, Internet activities and projects, quick teaching tips and strategies, and information on new products.
Education Place - K-8 resources for teachers, students, and parents. Includes Reading/Language Arts.
Knowledge Adventure Learning Games
WWWebster Dictionary
WWWebster Thesaurus
Library of Congress

If you live in these States:
Florida Electronic Library
Tennessee Electronic Library

Discovery Channel Online - features the Learning Channel, Animal Planet and more.
Educator's Reference Desk - ERIC - is an incredible resource for educators, including lesson plans, collections, databases and tools. Teachers will find this an invaluable tool.
Heartland Curriculum Lab - Have you ever looked for an address or phone number for a company with curriculum materials in a specific area? Ever want to know which companies carry a certain subject area? Like to see what is new in classroom materials?
HomeworkNOW - a FREE on-line service that keeps teachers, students, and parents connected!
Homework Help - features homework help for high school curricula.
Global SchoolNet  - online opportunities for teachers to collaborate, communicate, and celebrate shared learning experiences.
Edmentum Learning Solutions - provides online resources, forums, interactive games and activities.
NAPE - National Association for Primary Education - plays an active part in promoting high quality education for children from birth to thirteen at national, regional and local levels. A great organization!
PreKinders - Resources to help Pre-K teachers.
I-Tools Research- offers a variety of language tools to research just about anything.
Volcano World - Premier Source of Volcano Info.
Teacher Talk - features a virtual teacher's lounge.
ePals - service to help teachers link with partners in other cultures and countries for email classroom pen-pal and other project exchanges.

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