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The Biggest Racket on the Internet

Impersonator Scams

Please keep in mind that this advice is not just applicable to SafeSurf®, but could be applied to any service or software on the Internet.

SafeSurf® is a trusted trademark on the Internet, a position that we have earned after many years of impeccable and caring service. Unfortunately, unscrupulous opportunists across the globe are appropriating our good name, without our permission, to trick people into using their service or software. Even hackers have climbed aboard the fake trademark bandwagon with devastating results.

This racket is exploding on the Internet. As one opportunist is knocked down, twenty more pop up. The best defense is to provide you with knowledge of procedures to follow that will insure that you are not the next victim of an impersonator or virus maker who uses a well known name to fool you.

Learn the Difference Between the Real SafeSurf® and Impostors.

An impersonator wants to trick you and steal years of trust by naming a folder on some server "safesurf". But, there is only one domain called on the Internet. No Internet exploiter can list their software on our domain. So all you need to do is check on our domain to checkmate these fakers.

Only the real SafeSurf® can use the registered ® symbol to show ownership of the trademark. The imitation safesurf will not have the ® next to the name because the law is severe if they do. They will just use the name or something that looks or sounds close enough to trick you. "Oops, I didn't think I was confusing people," they say when confronted.

The worst offenders don't care and will use everything they can to trip you up. They put our name on their virus laden software while hiding in Russia and China. So, we have come up with unbreakable rules to follow to remain safe from those in sheep's clothing pretending to be us.

If It's Not On Our Site, It's NOT SafeSurf®


1) Do not buy any Internet oriented product or service claiming to be "SafeSurf" unless you FIRST CHECK our website, If we don't have a DIRECT link to it or are specifically advertising that Internet product or service by name, IT'S NOT FROM SAFESURF®!!!  PERIOD!!!

2) It is not enough to see JUST the name "safesurf" anymore. The world has become too corrupt. You now need to see the registerd ® symbol and also see the software advertised on OUR site.

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY EXCEPTIONS TO THESE RULES or you could be tricked by a fake safesurf.

Hackers are Impersonating Everyone.

Impersonating SafeSurf® and other famous trademarks is now the biggest racket on the Internet. You really have to be aware when you shop or download anything. Hackers even created viruses and named them "safesurf", "" and "" in order to trick people into installing them. This is absolute unforgiveable evil.

If its called "SafeSurf" and not a download DIRECTLY linked to from our website, IT'S NOT FROM US!!

In short, don't trust the mere name "safesurf". Instead trust the combination of the trademark - SafeSurf®, along with checking that the Internet product is on our website. You will be abundantly rewarded.

This is true for every trademarked company. So, always check. The fakers depend on the fact that most people won't check. Just because something on the Internet looks close enough, does not make it the real thing.

We Feel For the Victims

Every day thousands of people are scammed by "catfish" and trademark scams. Money is taken out of their bank accounts leaving a mess behind. Stronger laws need to be enacted and enforced to help us prevent these occurrences. There are so many scammers and predators that they've overwelmed the system. Please spread this teaching of FIRST verifying the product at the true company's website before doing any Internet transaction. They took our name in order to take your money.

To those who were scammed: We are sorry for your losses to those who have appropriated our trademark without our permission and we hope you can reverse the charges they have placed on you. Our goal is that those fakers, scammers, and hackers will receive the full punishment they rightly deserve.

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